China’s Cyber Security Law 2017 Will Be Effective From This Week

China’s Cyber Security Law 2017 Will Be Effective From This Week

by on June 5, 2017

China’s much awaited CSL (Cyber Security Law) will be implemented from 1st June this week.

By law, After an implementation online services provider in the China will not allow collect personal information of users any more. If user info is not relevant to services, internet service provider will not be able to retrieve.

China need to take this step as people are suffering from the threats like cyber-terrorism as well as hacking. This controversial CSL permits strict data surveillance and storage for number of firms working in China.

The news agency declares on Monday that “Those who violate the provisions and infringe on personal information will face hefty fines”.

By this move of China, many MNCs (Multinational Companies) will be affected. CII (Critical Information Infrastructure) operators also may feel the heat by this law. Any foreign firm who is a supplier to the “Critical” sector; companies which embraces huge amount of info on Chinese citizens, can be a major target of the law.

The CSL delivers broad authority to cyberspace administration of China, cyberspace watchdog & other industry regulators to carry out different reviews.

Vice-president of the US-China Business Council Mr. Jake Parker said in Beijing that “Almost all our companies are making moves to ensure that the majority of the data they collect in China is stored on servers located within China”.

“It’s not just the technology companies but financial services, semiconductor manufacturers, every sector of business in China.. that’s impacted.” that monitors blocked websites in China & helps users, it’ll feel the pinch of regulations. Mr. Charlie Smith the founder of said “Our strategy would collapse because if foreign businesses host all of their data in China, they would face minimal disruption if the authorities cut off access to foreign internet”.

The Cyber Security Law also mentioned, no one can make use of internet services to carry out fraud/sell prohibited goods. There are some other regulations will be on board from 1st June.

Regulation says, it needs individuals & groups to obtain government authorization before releasing any news on instant messaging apps or social websites.