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We have been associated since 2014 in the digital marketing partnership after then we have accomplished a major milestones for first page positions for their best keywords and currently we have maintained almost 38 targeted keywords on the first page. #1 from over 4,180,000 search results.

Keywords Competition Ranking
hair transplant clinic toronto 381,000 results #1
window contractor new york 19,700,000 results #1
window replacement nyc 17,500,000 results #2
window companies nyc 1,950,000 results #1
window manufacturers new york 12,700,000 results #1
new window installation new york 84,300,000 results #1
building wide replacements nyc 42,200,000 results #2

FadooSEO AdlerWindows SEO Portfolio
FadooSEO AdlerWindows SEO Portfolio

FadooSEO Number of Visits Metrics

17 keywords in the #1 position in Google organic search rankings

23 and above keywords in the top 3 positions
33 and above keywords in the top 5 positions
51 and above keywords in the top 10 positions
33% online visibility with their nearest competitor at 21%

The new york brand has evolved so much reputation since last 6 month and has gained lot of business partnership from organic traffic and as a result an increased has been seen 11% lead generation along with an improved CTR.

Website has got 12% improved inbound link clicks from organic search along with a high jump in 8% bounce rate.

FadooSEO Number of Visits Metrics