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Full Case Studywith Results

Justin was in contact with FadooSEO about achieving a first page ranking for his business. He knew what he wanted for his business to get the best out of our services and to be the first page and within 1 month of what we agreed; he was able to see the actual targeted traffic from the GEO he wanted and his team was able to convert them better.

Keywords Competition Ranking
steel pipes Malaysia 1,580,000 results #1
pipe manufacturer southeast Asia 3,640,000 results #2
erw steel pipes manufacturers 1,633,000 results #1
steel tubes Malaysia 5,720,000 results #1
pipe manufacturer Malaysia 2,537,000 results #1
steel products manufacturing Malaysia 6,390,000 results #2

FadooSEO Search Performance Metrics

Within a couple of months, Justin was succeeded in his organic traffic by 410%! After getting a good amount of targeted visits & now he is ranking at #1 positions for his keywords and enjoying the benefits of new customers from Google.

As you can see the last month organic/paid search metrics along with their GCR inline. We have seen a great improvement in Sessions Avg. time per Visits which has resulted in a great commitment overall CTR.

16 keywords in the #1 position in Google organic search results & growing.

FadooSEO SEO Traffic Performance