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In mid-year 2017, Enigma from Beverly Hills Medical has approached FadooSEO to get their website on the first page, obviously, their main goal was to increase the business revenue and wanted the brand to be reached the maximum number of people so the brand name can be more popular in the local market. After 4 months of effortless digital marketing strategy on their website, we were able to rank them on the first page for desired targeted keywords.

Keywords Competition Ranking
plastic surgery specialists Kuwait 498,000 results #1
kuwait best ophthalmologists 550,000 results #1
neck surgeons Kuwait 740,000 results #1
eye doctor specialist Kuwait 840,000 results #1
ophthalmologists specialists Kuwait 753,000 results #2
kuwait eye clinic specialist 1,200,000 results #1

FadooSEO Search Metrics

#1 from over 2,900,000 search results, the brand has evolved to get the best reputation possible among the competitors as a result repuation has been increased to 13% lead generation along with an improved CTR by renewed smooth navigation. 54% online visibility with their nearest competitor at 21%.

27 keywords in the #1 position in Google search engine rankings

FadooSEO Google Visibility Metrics