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Celebrity Fitness
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With such a high-competitive business category, We have analyzed web performance metrics for an initial month. FadooSEO has helped small business significantly. As agreed we put them on the first stream of Google traffic flow and after few weeks they were started seeing enquiries about their products. #1 from 4,350,000 google search results.

Keywords Competition Ranking
celebrity fitness 4,130,000 results #1
celebrity saltar 4,250,000 results #1
celebrity class schedule 16,900,000 results #1
celebrity group fitness 2,320,000 results #1
celebrity health club 6,200,000 results #1
celebrity club fitness 1,090,000 results #1

FadooSEO Social Media Metrics

Social media metrics shows the actual page likes of business facebook page and increase from last week, whatever post has been updated on the page has got an avg. jump of 4.8% in its total visits since last week including the highest engagement of every 3 comments per post with 4 clicks & share per visit.

It’s a sum up of all major social media activities including the Twitter: Tweets, Google: +1, Facebook: likes, Delicious: Bookmarks, Read it later: Read, Pinterest: Pins, Youtube: Subscribe, Instagram: share & etc.

FadooSEO Pages Like Post Reach Engagement Metrics