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Great Deals Services DMCC started a responsive web development project then they asked us to do full service digital marketing on the website which is where we headed towards a long term business relationship with a defined goals including social media marketing, local SEO promotions, conversion rate optimization. We worked over 8 odd months on their website with a grand result they’ve seen a better conversion ratio of 65% then business history.

FadooSEO SEO Case Study Great Deals
FadooSEO SEO Case Study Great Deals
FadooSEO SEO Case Study Great Deals


31 keywords in the #1 position in Google organic search & growing

39 keywords in the top 3 positions
61% online visibility with nearest competitor at 18%

#1 from 7,870,300 search results, The engagement of customers with the website were hitting the targets every months including all pairs of streams working for the business including social traffic, organic search results, direct traffic, email marketing from in-depth analytical campaigns we have had in the recent past has worked for the company.

As a result they’ve seen an increase in the conversion rate of 38% and growing in the last 13 months or so with an improved CTR by 21%.

Overall improvements in the targeted traffic month by month which has helped them sustain conversion rate by 11% with a marginal change in bounce rate of increased 14%.

As you can see in the right, the graph shows steady targeted traffic progress by month which has helped company to gain a great momentum.