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Mum’s Kitchen
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Kelly from Mum’s Kitchen proposed us 2 websites, having requested a substantial amount of targeted keywords & within two months 92% of their best keywords have achieved a good exposure and most of them have appeared on the first page of Google. #1 from over 6,180,000 search results.

Keywords Competition Ranking
singapore catering services 2,230,000 results #1
catering Singapore halal 2,613,000 results #2
mini buffet catering Singapore 2,560,980 results #1
buffet caterer Singapore 3,690,000 results #2
mini buffet catering Singapore 1,985,000 results #1

FadooSEO Sessions Per User Metrics

19 keywords in the #1 position in Google organic results & growing

25 keywords in the top 3 positions
38 keywords in the top 5 positions
55% online visibility with their nearest competitor at 10%

In the span of 8 months of SEO strategy implementation, a total number of 73.98% has been increased which is better than ever in the history of the business, also seen a great improvement in pages/session and avg. session duration along with a 41.44% bounce rate which was 90% when we started working & it’s growing day-by-day for overall improvements.

FadooSEO Sessions Per User Metrics