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Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic
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Rob Marsh from Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic had sent an email to FadooSEO for lead generation to implement our cutting-edge digital marketing services for his website. We worked for more than 8 months on the website including on-page and off-page activities to make the website SEO-friendly. The ultimate goal was to establish a local branding using local listings and distribute our inner pages to make them highlight prominently and convert a visitor into action.

Keywords Competition Ranking
hair transplant clinic Toronto 381,000 results #1
hair restoration neograft cost 772,000 results #1
female hair loss specialist Toronto 269,000 results #1
fue hair transplant Toronto 448,000 results #2
hair transplant doctor Toronto 397,500 results #1

FadooSEO New vs. Returning Visitors Metrics

14 keywords in the #1 position in Google search results & growing
29 keywords in the top 3 positions
50% online visibility with their nearest competitor at only 35%

#1 from over 780,000 search results, the brand has improved its online visibility by 50% to its nearest competitor. The overall CRO technique has worked for the website which has made easy navigation, clear call to action, well-crafted user-interface. Great results are shown in the last quarter of the campaign for the best local market listings. As a result, Rob has achieved a 45% increase in the total conversion rate since we started.

FadooSEO New vs Returning Visitors Based on Total Sessions Metrics