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Terms & Conditions

Our terms & usage disclaimer defines best working policy.

Web/Internet Marketing Terms

*Client acknowledges the following with respect to our services. FadooSEO follows a strictly ethical SEO policy and may make any assurance invalid if we found customers has participated in actions considered spam by search engines like, Utilization of hidden links, cloaking techniques, page redirection Links to link-farm, FFA ink ages, etc. Please evaluate the following information before you engage with any of the project with FadooSEO. The definitions and explanations summarize in terms and conditions below are showcased in order to assure a clear and long term relationship.

The customers have no;

  • Duplicate websites
  • Duplicate Content
  • Duplicate Pages
  • Redirects
  • Doorways pages

The existing customers have not requested/exchanged any sort of links or carried out any spamming techniques which may spoil site’s Google guidelines. It’s not possible to give 110% assurance for any particular outcome on any search engine and we also can’t measure the level of improved traffic or sales as an outcome of SEO campaign.

You are allowed to pay advance fees and it’s non-refundable in any of the situation. If customer make any modification to the pages optimized by FadooSEO or doesn’t execute the modifications recommended by us, any assurance placed will become invalid straight away. Submission of website inner pages to search engines, online search directories or other third party portals without any authorization of FadooSEO cannot make use of any automated website submission software or websites, automated reciprocal link programs, strictly prohibited.

FadooSEO have rights to make use of customer’s website for advertising and marketing purposes. This may comprises portfolio examples on our website, case studies as well as other marketing activities.

  • Web design
  • Layouts
  • Wireframes
  • Collateral

The customer is in the agreement that their website is not hosted on free web space by making use of domain forwarding. Any sort of fees charged by the search engines to include a listing are concerned separately by customer.

For the intention of getting professional SEO services, customer be in the agreement to provide following:

  • Back-end accessibility of website for the purpose of content as well as structure analysis.
  • Permission for modification for optimization purpose as well as to communicate with any third parties directly.
  • Unlimited access to website traffic statistics for the purpose of analysis and tracking.
  • An official email address for requesting links

We hold the authority to make use of following for SEO purposes,

  • Pictures of client
  • Logos
  • Trademarks
  • Images of websites
  • Pamphlets
  • Content

If there is a need of quality content in the website of our customer, FadooSEO can provide content depending up on client requirements at extra cost in electronic format for the purpose of creating richer website pages.

FadooSEO, accepts no liability for;

  • Loss of services
  • Unavailability of files
  • Damage of data
  • Misuse of tools by other customers
  • Externally managed tools crashed

Terms & conditions of FadooSEO disallow the expose of customer information without the client’s written permission except as essential to fulfill with an existing judicial proceeding, a court order or any other official procedure served on FadooSEO. Please read above Web/Internet Marketing Terms carefully, as this sets out yours & ours legal usage rights & obligations in relation to our internet marketing services.

In case of any question or queries, write an email to support directly: