12 must-have WordPress Plugin & Tools every freelancer must use

12 must-have WordPress Plugin & Tools every freelancer must use

by on November 2, 2019

WordPress is the first choice by worldwide freelancer as their online publishing platform, one reason being that there are a number of tools to help them accomplish their tasks more efficiently. However, This helpful WordPress plugin makes you more productive and saves your time from the other distractions.

A freelancer has to wear multiple hats, the idea of being your own boss sounds fancy but then it’s a tough task. He/She has to be his own marketer, pitch new clients, coordinate with the existing clients, work on the assignments and take care of the finances.

We present a list of 12 must-have WordPress plugin that every freelancing must be using to kick boost his productivity to utilize most of the time spent working.

#1. CollabPress WordPress Plugin – It is always a time wasting task to shuffle between different task managing tools. The CollabPress Plugin places all your projects and task management tools into a single WordPress plugin dashboard. However, To make your task easier, you can add and edit the projects to generate shortcodes to simplify the tasks.

#2. LastPass Password Management – Be it a freelance WordPress web designer or a blogger, they have to remember numerous passwords. Although, Google Chrome saves your passwords; it is not secure because in case of hacking this practice will ruin your website.

This plugin is responsive and works on all devices and securely saves all the WordPress passwords.

#3. Editorial Calendar WordPress Plugin – For a person running a WordPress blog, the Editorial Calendar WordPress plugin is the most useful tool wherein you can schedule the posting of articles, remember the websites where posting has to be done. This plugin helps when a person has to maintain multiple sites or a single site where multiple writers post.

#4. Google Apps – This isn’t a WordPress tool yet it is essential for people working on WordPress. With Google Apps, you can directly work online and the data gets automatically saved in Google Drive hence preventing the extra backup work that was required in bulky word processors. It allows you to work offline and get it synchronized when the internet is available.

BackUpWordPress and Google Docs to WordPress enable you to publish the content on WordPress without having to copy paste it. These tools directly take the backup in Google Drive.

#5. Asana Task Manager – This is the most popular team collaboration tools. WordPress plugin users must use this tool to collaborate with the team members, clients and to keep a tab on when the following assignment is due.

#6. WP invoice – Many people use third-party invoicing tools but the WP plugin invoice saves money and efforts. You can easily create invoices, add a payment system and deliver the bills and invoices to clients.

#7. Google Analyst by Yoast – The Google Analyst by Yoast shows the audience demographics, click-through rates, and the blog posts getting the maximum visitors. Based on these data you can craft content according to the audience’s pain points.

#8. Canva Image Editor – Images convey a message thousand times more effectively than words. For all the non-graphic designing people, this tool is the easiest way to create engaging pictures and thereby increase the number of visitors and click-through rates on your WordPress blog. Canva Image Editor is used by most of the WordPress plugin users to generate images.

#9. MailChimp – MailChimp for WordPress plugin enables you to create and send emailers to the readers and clients. You can either send some free content or the regular blog posts to the people who’ve signed up for the email alerts. Furthermore, it is these people who are the most loyal readers of your content. They have a free and premium plan.

#10. Buffer App – Every freelancer knows the importance of social networking, sharing of curated content on these platforms and the ordeal of having to find the best content to be shared here. furthermore, the buffer is a social media sharing tool that finds niche related engaging content and posts it to the social networks. You can even have the posting scheduled based on maximum engagement and the tool does it for you.

#11. Trello – Trello the task management tool is not a WordPress plugin but is very useful for WordPress plugin users. It is widely popular for the simplicity and simple user interface, you can bring the whole team to this dashboard and assign tasks or create boards for information that is then shared with the client.

#12. Dropbox – A cloud storing tool that can be accessed through all devices. Files, images and documents can be shared with clients through Dropbox. Shuffling your work from one device to another was never easier!

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