Digital Marketing Trends of 2017- All You Need to TOP for highest ROI

Digital Marketing Trends of 2017- All You Need to TOP for highest ROI

by on December 14, 2016

All of us are quite aware how incredibly digital marketing, advertising as well as social media conducted in 2016. It features very bright side and game changing future of digital advertising services.

Exciting digital marketing trends in the upcoming year will definitely going to affect your SEO planning. There are ample of new thing arriving as 2017 is all set for digitization.

  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
  • Big Data
  • IoT Apps (Internet of Things)
  • Content Marketing
  • Wearable
  • Mobile Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Online PR
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • Paid search marketing

These days people want to know “What’s trending?” and “What’s Next?”. They want to emerge their selves by taking interest in latest innovation and digital marketing trends. Now is the time to begin with marketing plan for 2017. But before beginning, make sure you are taking steps according to 2017 digital business trends. Here are some predictions/trends in the world of marketing that dominate upcoming year for sure.

Augmented Reality

When it comes to Augmented Reality, first thing comes into everyone’s mind is “Pokemon Go”. The craze of this app demonstrates that people are all set to accept changes derived by the amazing AR technology. It’s clear indication for businesses to earn pretty much with this. AR advertisements, AR games as well as different AR apps will take off with the rocket speed.

Video Advertisements

This is not a new thing for major social media platforms like facebook and YouTube. But, according to news, entrance of Google in the battle with SERP video advertising will make a huge change in entire spectrum of online ads. Video is flattering as the most demanding channel for advertisement among Smartphone users. So very soon, you’ll be able to see different sorts of video ads on your screens.

Dedicated Mobile Apps

These are the apps which will recommend all features of mobile optimized websites in a more suitable and accessible way. If you are having a dedicated app, you’ll get benefited with app indexing feature of Google. Business owners are recognizing the potential day by day and 2017 will definitely be an essential year when it comes to our dedicated mobile app development.

Social Conversion

Major social media platforms will work as a lead generation and conversion channel as well as offer different tools to switch prospects directly into customers. So, online communities will no longer stay restricted to only company-consumer conversations purposes.

Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology is grooming like never before. Apple iWatch, Google Glass and other wearable devices will help you out in staying linked with the ever changing digital world. In the upcoming year you will see much more from wearable technology.

Unique Content

Interactive as well as high quality content in digital marketing will remain an essential part in 2017 as well. The demand of professional writers who have skill and expertise in particular subject as well as video producers will generate more competition in content marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO assist you in tracking your user’s behavior on your website and identify elements that are producing highest number of conversions. Now, it’s a time to apply CRO on your website as well as landing pages.

Artificial Intelligence

Apple’s Siri, IBM’s Watson as well as Microsoft’s Cortana are the best part of AI in this year. The latest addition, facebook’s Bot engine for messenger is also one best example. Google also announced its assistance service at Google I/O 2016. So we can predict that Chat-bots will become the biggest thing in tech with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

There are many more predictions take place as time passes. So every digital entrepreneur should review these digital marketing trends for 2017 and make strategies according to it. It will definitely remain at the focus of your user attention as well as search engines.