Give a Hike to Your B2C Content Marketing Strategy in 2017-18

Give a Hike to Your B2C Content Marketing Strategy in 2017-18

by on March 14, 2017

Does your organization cater to implement a B2C content marketing strategy for upcoming years? If not, this question you should think sincerely for a productive marketing tactics.

2017 is moving slowly and it’s high-time to step-up on the ground of content marketing. With the ever changing area of digital marketing, one should keep up with the latest trends & techniques as they have become an essential part of digital strategy to drive performance traffic. That is the only reason,

  • More organizations are adopting content marketing
  • They’re becoming well established enough to deliver their best efforts
  • Website traffic and quality leads will be the target to achieve on a high priority
  • Content marketing tools to be mostly utilized are,
    • Analytics
    • Editorial Calendar
    • E-mail platforms
  • Content marketing tactics to be mostly utilized are,
    • Social media content
    • E-mail newsletters
    • Blogs
    • In-person events
  • For the content distribution channel, an attention grabbing platforms are,
    • Likedin
    • E-mails
  • Organizations are giving more significance to strategy documentation

The online content marketers, who have documented content marketing strategy and re-assess it constantly, are 2x more likely to do well in the long run. It assists you to work smarter than before with great ease. Even if you have engaged with this marketing strategy before, there are number of ways to upgrade it for the superior outcome.

How to create the best documented content marketing strategy?

  • Define different content objectives
  • Accomplish persona content research
  • Run a content audit & implement it
  • Determine a Content Management System
  • Brainstorm content ideas & publish it
  • Identify analytical insights & re-assess
  • Make a plan of how to generate a content
  • Produce excellent content
  • Distribute your content
  • Calculate & assess KPI of each channel

You should analyze & get all content marketing answers for following questions:

  • How content marketing got structured within your company?
  • Has your company ever been through any management
  • Any structural modifications over previous 12 months that have affected your content marketing?
  • Are you completely aware about what an efficient content marketing strategy is all about?
  • Does your organization have any effective content marketing strategy?
  • Does your strategy is efficient enough to accomplish content marketing goals?
  • How effective your strategy compared with 12 months ago?
  • Which content marketing tools does your company utilizing at present?
  • Which methods does your company use to analyze your target audience?
  • On which content marketing goals your organization will focus in 2017-18?

Why content marketing is significance for today’s businesses?

It expedite businesses to plan for consistent and cost-effective sources of website traffic and fresh qualified leads. If you just post a one blog, it’ll help you to get steady amount of leads as well as organic traffic.

The consistent resources from organic traffic and leads of your unique content will serve you with flexibility to try-out with other marketing plans to create great revenue. Not only this but your content will also educate your targeted audience and make them aware about your brand & values. Don’t you think it’s pretty good to go with best content marketing strategy for the web?

One of the best technology tools for this is social distribution. Social media should be a keystone of your strategy. You are giving your precious time in research and analysis and generate great content; so all your hard work be worthy to get as much awareness as possible. Social media is best suited for attention grabbing purpose.

Here are some content marketing strategies for 2017 to look out: (

  • Automation of content
  • Story telling
  • Live video
  • Webinars
  • Influencer marketing
  • Native Advertising

You should add some/all of these strategies into your content marketing plan for this year. It will definitely help you to stay one step advance in the competition.