Simple 10 Points To Optimize Wordpress Website for your Organization

Simple 10 Points To Optimize WordPress Website for your Organization

by on November 18, 2018

A greatly designed website that is search engine optimized, accompanied with third-party plugins and Content Management Systems (CMS) is more beneficial when it is optimized in today’s WordPress SEO world. Failing to optimize WordPress website will ensure that the search engines ignore the website and it fails slowly disappear in the top search engine rankings. However, Every website, including the WordPress – the best CMS available in the market and with an inbuilt SEO needs to be optimized.

In this blog post, we have entitled 10 most constructive ways to use WordPress to your benefit.

[1] Content is the king [NO DOUBT] – High-quality content along with an organic mention of the targeted keywords is the best way to optimize the content for an organization website. Write it for the visitors and not just for search engines.

[2] Title optimization [MOST IMPORTANT] – The title, the contents for your page title <tag> is one of the most important factors to consider for ranking the websites in search engines. SEO experts suggest that your title should not exceed to 70 characters and include the targeted keywords in the title. It should be descriptive and can give an emotional response.

Put your brand name at the end so that people can identify you from the search queries.

[3] Install a Cache plug in to speed up your website [IMPROVES WEBSITE USABILITY] – Cache’s improve the loading time of the websites and the page speed is an important deciding factor for search engine rankings, the better the website loads more chances are to get it ranked in the higher search engine position. However, Your website should load within two seconds and a tool Pingdom should be used to measure the load time of the WordPress website.

Below the list of most favored caching plugins include W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, and WP Super Cache. All three plugins are available for free to use.

[4] Image optimization [PROVIDE LOT OF BOOST IN SEO] – Images can take up a lot of storage thereby making your WordPress website slow. Image optimization is done by compressing the images and this intern benefits the SEO. Plugins such as CW Image optimizer and WP are used to compress the images without compromising on the quality.

[5] Empty out the trash [GOOD HABIT] – After version 2.9, WordPress provides an in-built trash can feature that easily allows you to delete your blog post revisions and spam comments. These also take up considerable space and should be regularly deleted.

By default, WordPress will delete the items in the trash after 30-45 days. This can be reduced by editing the wp-config.php file.

[6] Use Gzip compression [WEBSITE SPEED OPTIMIZATION]- Gzip compression allows your website page to be transferred to a browser at up to 70% of its original size. Gzip can be enabled from tWordPressess option page. Open your website WP admin console options to enable Gzip, and change the value from 0 to 1.

[7] Use search engine optimized Themes from WordPress store [BETTER USER EXPERIENCE] – Search engine optimized themes make the task of search engines to crawl through the source codes easier. It simplifies your task of getting a higher search ranking, thereby helps in gaining an edge over competitors.

[8] Integrating email plugins [BASIC MARKETING FUNDAMENTALS] – With an email list, your content is guaranteed to reach out to the target audience. If your content solves the pain points of this segment, there are more changes for them to opt for your services. MailChimp and Aweber can be integrated with your WordPress website as the email subscriber software.

[9] Integrating social media buttons with the WordPress website [NEED OF THE HOUR] – The more the number of plugins to Optimize WordPress website, the slower the loading speed. So, choose the most important plugins, one among them is the social media sharing widget. It aids in making your content easily shareable. However, Instead of including links to all social media accounts, add only those on which you are the most active. Digg and Shareholic provide such social media share plugins.

[10] Antispam plugins [TOP-NOTCH SECURITY] – Shady and spam comments can harm your search engine rankings and take up considerable space database size. Use anti-spam plugins such as Akismet or Antispam Bee.