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Calla Blanche
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Calla Blanche proposed us 3 websites, having requested a substantial amount of targeted keywords & within two months 90% of their best keywords have achieved a good exposure and most of them have appeared on the first page of Google.

#1 from over 5,220,000 search results, a substantial increase in conversion rate of 8% with a great improved 31% bounce rate. 25% online visibility with their nearest competitor at 31%.

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17 keywords on #1 position in Google organic search results & growing

The Canadian fashion brand needed a great boost for their upcoming spring collection campaign; We worked on major trending keywords which were looking promising in the first half when we started so we decided to take them on a larger bite with a glance of 30 keywords in 6 months of full digital marketing service.

Based on devices mobile, desktop & tablets analytical results they’ve seen an 18% increase in organic traffic online signups.

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