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Within 5 months of SEO efforts Horizons Opioid Treatment has achieved 16 keywords on the first page of Google. On an initial stage we agreed a list of keywords and we started working in March 2013. Their organic rankings in Google have improved immensely and their organic SERPs improved 8% of the targeted GEO traffic to around 42% of total traffic.

Keywords Competition Ranking
suboxone clinic toronto 298,000 results #1
methadone clinic etobicoke 147,000 results #1
suboxone clinic burlington 340,000 results #2
methadone clinic brampton 440,000 results #1
suboxone clinic georgetown 753,000 results #2
suboxone clinic brampton 291,000 results #1


#1 from 5,190,300 search results, website has shown a great reputation from the last 1 month and have performed for the company by increasing 12% lead generation along with a great CTR of base keywords including the fact that company has seen an immense improvements in online brand reputation with a great lead generation. As you can see in the graph that the total number of Unique Visits has been increased substantially to make it a great move.

23 keywords in the #1 position in Google search results & growing

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