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University Boston Campus
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University Boston has signed up with FadooSEO; accurately there have maintained s steady progress in search engine visibility and after then we have managed to get over 70% of their targeted keywords on the first page. #1 from over 5,230,000 search results with a great improved 14% bounce rate, Increase 1.5 page views.

Keywords Competition Ranking
new England school of acupuncture 603,000 results #1
school of medical imaging and therapeutics 720,000 results #1
forsyth school of dental hygiene 440,000 results #2
school of physician assistant studies 834,000 results #1
biopharmaceutical fellowships 653,000 results #2

FadooSEO Audience Overview All Sessions Metrics

12 keywords in the #1 position in Google organic rankings

34 keywords in the top 3 positions
41 keywords in the top 5 positions
65 keywords in the top 10 positions

After 6 months of seamless digital marketing strategy on the website including high powered practical on-page & off-page activities, Seeing a healthy number of best keywords ranking on top.

Comparatively new visitors has been substantially improved to returning visitors with new sessions are created and a great bounce in page views per user, that means traffic is more interested in knowing the product/service details as they’re viewing other internal pages to know more about the business and trying to connect with it.

17% of online visibility has increased to its nearest competitor at 24%

FadooSEO Audience Overview All Sessions