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Red C
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Jonathan from Red C contacted FadooSEO for their main website. Within 2 months of the website re-design work being completed after applying on-page SEO along with their best organic keywords, we have gained a large number of agreed keywords on the first page of Google & a major increase in both traffic as well as overall business revenue!

Keywords Competition Ranking
app development company london 12,400,000 results #5
app development companies uk 26,200,000 results #4
mobile app development uk 50,900,000 results #2
enterprise app developers uk 17,500,000 results #3

FadooSEO New & Returning Visitors Metrics

23 keywords in the #1 position in Google organic search results & growing

39 keywords in the top 3 positions
41 keywords in the top 7 positions
61% online visibility with their nearest competitor at 18%

Have seen a great improvement in the overall engagement of traffic query along with marginal raise in organic CTR for 12 keywords. The graph displays growth between the new visitor and returning visitors with an analytical goal. #1 from over the 25,090,000 search results.

FadooSEO New Visitor vs Returning Visitor Metrics