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1. What is SEO, SMO, and ASO? How does it help my business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that optimizes your website and helps to place on the top position in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a technique that helps you to get a strong existence on different social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Pinterest and many more. App Store Optimization (ASO) is a procedure that let your app shine in the huge crowd of app store by providing optimization techniques regarding app store. It helps your business found on the internet easily.

2. How much time does it take to rank my website in top 10 positions in search results?

30-90 days is the generally expected time duration to get high ranking on SERPs. It’s good enough to make a start of appearing in top search engine ranks. The time duration may vary depending upon the required reputation to build .

3. Why it’s important to rank on Google’s first page?

The mainly notable is Google’s first page of search result. The analysis represents that 95% of people never go further than the first page of Google. Top 10 positions are most required as they get 90% of all links and clicks. This means that position on a second page is already a big loss. If the website is not easily found and placed after the second page, it usually doesn’t exist at all. So it’s very important to rank on Google’s first page.

4. How much traffic can I expect once I’m at the top of search engines?

The ratio of monthly Google searches varies extensively by relying on the keyword as well as location. We focus on organic keywords that make the highest reliable and consistent searches so that you’ll attract the maximum amount of targeted traffic feasible to your website.

5. Do I get traffic and SERP ranking reports on a weekly/monthly basis?

Yes. We analyze your website, rankings as well as how our current strategies are performing each month. We make different alteration and also customize a number of SEO strategies to work together which help you to get the top rankings and possible maximum traffic. Every month we also deliver you a full traffic summary as well as your website’s ranking report to represent how exactly your site is placed and what is the improvement.

6. What is domain blacklisting?

A website can be blacklisted if any kind of unethical and wrong SEO strategies have been utilized. It can be very complicated to get well from a blacklisting stage. However, it’s easy to simply make use of another domain with a fresh website and go onward from these after the clean-up of spam tactic make you prohibited.

7. What is link popularity?

Links to your website let the search engine know how significant your website is. They make an assumption that if it is important for different other websites to link to, it’s important for them to place at the high rankings. The more links you have to your site from other sites, the better your rankings could be in favor of Google guidelines.

8. How do I come to know when I’m utilizing the right number of keywords on a page?

There is no keyword density you should be planning for- in fact utilizing too many keywords can effect in penalization due to keyword stuffing. Simply keep your reader in mind and make use of keywords when you actually find a need of it. You will discover enough opportunities to add keywords that you will not even have to concern about reaching any random number.

9. What is robots.txt? Why it is useful?

It’s a text file that delivers search engines’ information about different pages a company wants to get indexed or crawled. You can get this page by going to YOURDOMAIN/robots.txt

10. Is it possible to get top rank with a single keyword?

With the expansion in a number of website in the online market, it is very complicated to achieve the best position with just a single keyword. It’s advantageous if you make use of keyword phrases. Keywords are nothing just a combination of two or three-word phrases that your focused market is likely to utilize to search for your website. Always keep in mind that single keywords generally return the least targeted leads. Several keywords or keyword phrases are going to be more competitive than others and it takes enough time to obtain the top ranking.

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