Social Media Promotion Trends Watch out in 2018

Social Media Promotion Trends Among Millennial to Watch out in 2018

by on November 3, 2017

Today’s era want businesses to figure out what are the best strategies for social media marketing. Now is the time to think about how to produce better social engagement and improved brand loyalty.  Knowing what will be in trends will aid you to take advantages of different opportunities in upcoming New Year 2018.

Worldwide highlights represent that,

  • Revenue in the “Social Media Advertising” amounts to US$32,327m in 2017
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2017-2021) of 10.9 % resulting in a market volume of US$48,917m in 2021
  • The average revenue per Internet user currently amounts to US$11.45
  • The revenue in the “Social Media Advertising” currently corresponds to 0.05 % of the country’s GDP

As there is nothing permanent in the world, marketers have to make planning for Social Media Promotion Paradigm shifts when it comes to Digital Marketing. Next year, social media is floating to generate more prospects as a number of new technological innovation go ordinary.

Here are social media marketing trends that will change the way you experience social media in 2018.

  • Instagram Stories

There are millions of people who are utilizing Instagram Stories every month. So there are number of brands are getting interested in involving with the Instagram users for their global branding purposes. This showcases booming popularity of stories that can 100% get attention in upcoming year to be more social.

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

iPhone8 and iPhoneX, both the devices integrates a chip that enables them to deliver amazing augmented reality experiences. The uses of AR on mobile devices give different engaging ways for marketers to grab their target audience. It’s quite quick and simple. We have already seen Snapchat that shows images into real world with its camera.

  • Live streaming

If we talk about live streaming, facebook has already offered it through Facebook Live. Businesses should make use of it to grab targeted audience. One major benefit of live streaming is it needs full commitment from your audiences; so if anyone is not interested will automatically keep distance. You do not need to focus on uninterested ones. So we can say that interactive broadcasting and live streaming would be the next big thing in 2018.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots helps businesses by creating one-to-one interactions with each single follower and react straight away to the question generated by them. So with this, businesses can make their customer services faster than ever before. As bots are becoming more smart and human-like, you can tailor your brand voice and convey custom-made messages directly to the users.

  • Ephemeral Content

Instagram, snapchat and facebook stories are the best examples of Ephemeral content that you can share only for 24 hours. After that it will no longer seen and gone forever. Now a day businesses also have different ephemeral content marketing strategies that will help them to reach their audience. There are 250 million stories appearing every day. Now it’s up to you how you want to emerge in your audience’s stories.

  • Videos

Everyone is aware about the popularity of Videos in current years. And in upcoming year also video content will be even greater on different social media platforms. Businesses need to perform optimization of video content for different search engines when it comes to digital marketing strategy. We can predict that videos will take up to 80% of customer online traffic by 2018. So execute a video in your social media strategy will become completely essential.

  • E-currency

E-currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin are already approved by number of e-commerce merchants around the globe. To settle the bill, e-currency makes it easy as well as appealing. Yes, 2018 is quite early for an incorporation of e-currency with social media but we can say that it will be going on that path in very near future for sure. Marketing on social media will influence immediate buying using an e-currency.

  • Privacy

Every internet users are concerned with the online privacy and it’s obvious. As the demand of social media is increasing, demand of online privacy is also booming. The most stable social media platforms are offering best security for their users these days. So we can say that level of privacy is increasing day by day and will continue in 2018 also. 9. Generation Z is a next big thing on the field of marketing. It will aid person to be more focused on the purchasing speed of different products and on customer service with great internet in Smartphone. Many gen Z had also seen their loved ones struggling during the period of recession. This makes them aware about risks.

We can anticipate a lot of changes in social media landscape in 2018. So the role of social media marketers is escalating. The whole attention is on the mobile-first strategy. On order to stay competitive in the digital era, marketers need to be attentive of consumer’s changing behaviors. No one can predict the future but social media platforms will definitely get great changes in upcoming year that’s for sure.